Online Platform to Explore Resources available in various Labs of Electronics Department

Electronics Engineering Department Consist of Following Lab dedicated for Specific Domain device storage. The Lab include as simple as Passive Components and also as complex as ready to use Development Board. Click on the Respective lab link to explore resources currently available and in working condition in the lab.

The Online platform is initiative under SCOPE program developed by students registered with SCOPE Course to Ease the process of finding list of components available with the College. This will tremendously help students to find out components which are necessary to implement mini project as well as Major projects and then can readily ask respective lab assistant to get them easily.

The Online Platform also help faculty to have complete idea of resources available in college which can be integrated to make lab experiment innovative and also to find out respective lab position where resources can be access easily.

Finally we wish to Appreciate support of Dr. S. S. Rathod, Dean Academics in accepting our ideas and providing support to implement them in reality.